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Portal 2 Chibi line colored by KrystalizedArtist9 Portal 2 Chibi line colored by KrystalizedArtist9
3/30/13 :iconsparklesplz::iconportalplz: PORTAL 2 REMAKE: [link] Atlas & P-body & PORTAL 1 REMAKE: coming soon! [i think] :iconportal2plz::iconsparklesplz:

anyways here are my versions of them
though some parts of the designs were based off of :iconforte-girl7: and maybe a couple other's....

i didn't use a reference when i outlined this and when i finally looked at it, i already started coloring and was too late to fix it

Chell is Chell. never noticed the extra designs on the jumpsuit tho

my Wheatley's design is somewhat similar to forte's [(ewe)|||] which i didn't want to have (i dun wanna copy anyone....) and tried other designs but didn't work out at all....

GLaDOS I kept changing over and over again and im sticking with this one. plus she has silver hair not white. her coat is a tangtop sort of thng and the wires are like a half sleeve and connects to her gloves. uhh.... it's sort of like those hats with the gloves attached to them

Space has the generic outfit of what i picture them to have, but it's a jacket. Yeah random stars are there cuz they're there :P pants are stuffed in his boots.... same with rick

I picture Fact/Craig as an albino hence the pink eyes, but also added pink highlights to his hair. (same with Adventure/Rick cept his is green.) THEN i added a pink vest with a pink diamond pattern and pink rimmed glasses with faint pink lenses..... you get the idea. both him and wheatley do have the same boots as space and rick, their pants just cover it

Rick is almost the same as space, except he has a shirt and rolled up his sleeves and a belt strap over his shoulder..... . I cant draw hats like that... his hat stripe has like two colors to it

Chell, Wheatley, GlaDOS, Space Adventure and Fact (c) Portal 2 (c) Valve

designs & art (c) me :>

7/21/12 edit: woah over 800 veiws? omg thanks you guys and sorry i don't give out the icon thanks like i used to :U but thanks again anyways

8/19/12 1000+ VIEWS???!?!?!?!?!?! OMG THANK YOU GUYS!~~~~:heart::heart:
lol my portal art is actually more popular than all the other junk i've posted hahahaha
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February 21, 2012
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